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Apple AnandTech has written a long and in-depth review of the new Intel iMac (16 pages). They conclude: "I like the iMac, I like it a lot. It's a computer that can look and work as well in a kitchen as it can in an office, and that's one thing that Apple has done very right with this platform. It took me this long to look at it, but I think it could quite possibly be Apple's strongest offering as it accomplishes exactly what they are trying to do - which is build lifestyle computers."
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Extremely Good Article
by Andrew Youll on Tue 31st Jan 2006 21:35 UTC
Andrew Youll
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I found this article a very good read, very informative and the tests, maybe not proper benchmarks but they do indicate present PPC vs x86 capabilities within Apples own product range, I found the RAM usage by Word 2004 astonishing I dont think i could have imagined that sort of usage, okay rosetta is emulating a different Arch, but still it was a real eye opener

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