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BeOS & Derivatives "Over the past month, community member 'mmadia' has been re-working the site for his extensive BeOS Boot Floppy/CD Collection. The goal of the site is to provide every combination of necessary boot-time patches, such as the AMD Athlon XP patch, RAM Limiter, IDE replacement drivers, and so forth. The site allows you to choose various options and then it creates a downloadable file with which you can burn onto a CD or write to a floppy diskette."
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re: jonas.kirilla and browser issues.
by mmadia on Wed 1st Feb 2006 00:19 UTC
Member since:

As jonas and other users have noticed, doesn't yet render properly in some browsers such as Opera and IE.

My apologies for not thoroughly testing before launching the site. Work-arounds and code-refactoring are in place and continue to be added.

As such, there may be some hiccups and other brief lapses of functionality.

In regards to missing boot images, the History link will detail when new files have been added.

Thank you all for your interest. ;)

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