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General Development Have you considered setting up a PHP 5 on your Linux server, but not had the time to learn how? This article will help guide you through the installation of a PHP 5 environment using the industry's first integrated PHP environment that includes the IBMCloudscape database server. Installation and configuration is greatly simplified using Zend Core for IBM compared to setting up a complete development and deployment environment from scratch.
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RE: Why bother with PHP at all?
by unoengborg on Tue 26th Jul 2005 16:47 UTC in reply to "Why bother with PHP at all?"
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You can write bad code in any language, that doesn't mean that you have to. Today php is a very good object oriented language and it is very easy to separate code and content. Just check out PHPTAL

The only major problem I see in PHP5 is the lack of name spaces. This makes it hard to build large systems without getting unintuitive class names. It also makes it harder to share code between projects without class name clashes.

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