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Hardware, Embedded Systems PC firmware, a murky world of interwoven software code that dates back to the original IBM PC and its clones, is about to be modernized. In a move that experts say promises to lead to fewer headaches for IT staff by creating more stable and manageable desktops and notebooks, the PC industry has begun transitioning to the United Extensible Firmware Interface. Dubbed UEFI, the interface offers a standardized way for a PC's firmware, the underlying software that controls its hardware, to interact with the operating system. The new interface offers a standard method for loading an operating system, as well as running pre-boot applications.
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not for me, thanks
by ferrix on Wed 1st Feb 2006 21:49 UTC
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I admit I don't know much about UEFI, but I do know this much: the needs of corporate IT departments and the needs of individual/small users are not the same. In fact, they are usually the exact opposites. Take the idea of network being accessible before any OS even boots - why would that be a good thing for me? It sounds positively EVIL as far as I'm concerned.

I regard anything that promises to "make life easier for corporate IT departments" with utmost suspicion. MY computers will not be moving to UEFI as long as the old BIOS is around.

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