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Novell and Ximian A demonstration of the next release of Novell's Linux for desktops drew cheers and applause Wednesday, although the final version of the software is not expected for some months. Nat Friedman, the company's vice president of Linux desktop engineering, showed Novell Linux Desktop 10 playing videos and MP3 music files, and exchanging music and photos with an iPod and a digital camera, in a keynote presentation at the Solutions Linux conference and trade show on the outskirts of Paris.
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What's new there ?
by dukeinlondon on Thu 2nd Feb 2006 16:09 UTC
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Linspire provides a fully licensed multimedia platform. Not open source but many commercial distro distribute commercially licensed wares despite being fully committed to open source, like Mandriva and others.

Connecting a camera and uploading to Flickr ? I do that already (to my delight) but here again nothing new.

The question is why demonstrate all that for a corporate desktop ? What about granular desktop configuration permissioning, a further push to help openoffice compatibility with MS Office and crucially a Access application porting tool ? What about a competitor to Adobe Acrobat (not just the reader I mean) and a competitive OCR software ?

What about getting people like SAGE to release their most popular wares for linux desktop ? (a unified packaging system would probably help by the way) Encouraging HP and Xerox to make their small office copier/printers fully compatible with Linux….

That’s a lot of things that smaller businesses needs.

Big businesses? Forget about it. XP has just finished passing UAT stage where I work and that because of the high number of old applications that are problematic on XP. XP will probably be not be deployed internally by the time Vista is released commercially. But we are moving away from Solaris to Linux for quite a few applications so, it’s not like Linux is losing everything there either…

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