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Novell and Ximian A demonstration of the next release of Novell's Linux for desktops drew cheers and applause Wednesday, although the final version of the software is not expected for some months. Nat Friedman, the company's vice president of Linux desktop engineering, showed Novell Linux Desktop 10 playing videos and MP3 music files, and exchanging music and photos with an iPod and a digital camera, in a keynote presentation at the Solutions Linux conference and trade show on the outskirts of Paris.
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RE: Looks....
by Lumbergh on Fri 3rd Feb 2006 12:42 UTC in reply to "Looks...."
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Like I keep saying, there is nothing actually holding Linux back as a desktop operating system - all things being equal, if all the software on Windows suddenly became available for Linux (or some other UNIX like operating system), Windows wouldn't stand a chance BUT the fact remains, people choose their operating system based on what software can run on top of it.

And that's why Mono should be an official part of Gnome, so that those future apps (ALL Windows apps will be .NET targeted eventually) can at least give developers a fighting chance to port it without too much grief. But we can only assume that RedHat will do its best to keep the linux desktop a failure at any substantial market penetration

And then you get the whole KDE/Gnome fighting and it's no wonder that Microsoft laughs to the bank.

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