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Bugs & Viruses Security watchers say the Kama Sutra worm, which is programmed to overwrite files on infected Windows PCs today, will have a damaging but not catastrophic effect. The Kama Sutra worm (or Nyxem-E or Blackworm) poses as an email message offering a variety of salacious content. Subject lines used in the malicious emails include: The Best Videoclip Ever, Fw: SeX.mpg, Miss Lebanon 2006 and Fuckin Kama Sutra pics. The worm, which can also spread across network shares, only affects Windows PCs.
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RE[4]: Too bad eh..
by raver31 on Sat 4th Feb 2006 00:52 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Too bad eh.."
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yes, there are safeguards against it.

first and foremost...

all files you download are simply that, files.
you have to make them executable, then run them.
Sometimes however, you can download a binary file from a webpage with the execute bit set, but that leads to the next stage.......


although YOU downloaded the file and YOU set the execute bit to true, if you had a titter of wit about you, you would have already set up your partitions so that files on /home cannot run, so any downloads on there will need to be physically moved into your path so that they can run.

As you can see, malware would be ineffective against safegaurds like these. Any that did find its way into your system would sit there dead in your /home


I have seen some people set up there systems so that users can run programs from their /home. This is VERY bad practice, and destroys one of the defenses Linux has over malware.

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