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Google "One result of the US government's battle with Google over a week's worth of searches is an increased awareness over the data kept by all of the major search engines. Each time we use Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, or any other search engine, there's a record created of the search term used along with our IP address. All of the reputable search portals keep the data private. However, if someone armed with a subpoena wants to find out what you've been searching for, there is not a whole lot you can do to stop them."
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Mind also the web stats counters
by harcalion on Mon 6th Feb 2006 18:43 UTC
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Now that Google (with Counterspot, and other corporations will soon follow) is offering net counters for free, the reach of their knowledge about us is increasing enormously. They'll know not also what you search for, but what pages you browse, how many times and so on. The power which reside in the nearly entire knowledge of the Internet surfers movements is invaluable, illegal (in my opinion) and it's happening.

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