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Internet & Networking AOL and Yahoo! are to start charging for sending emails. Both companies will still accept free emails but are offering the chance to pay to avoid their spam filters. By paying between a quarter and one cent per message companies will get preferential delivery of their messages. So a "business class" email will go straight to an AOL-subscriber's inbox marked with a stamp saying "AOL Certified Email" while a free email will have to run the gamut of AOL spam filters. Free mails may also have images and web links removed.
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Who would use it?
by walterbyrd on Mon 6th Feb 2006 23:38 UTC
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If real spammers will be stopped, then who would use it? Real spammers can get around filters anyway.

I just can not see spammers paying yahoo or aol for this.

Furthermore, one thing I like about yahoo is they have fairly good spam filtering. But, if this idea of yahoo/aol actually works for those companies, then I am not using yahoo email anymore. If everybody abandons their yahoo accounts, then what has yahoo accomplished?

Bad idea, all the way around.

I wish I could get a job as a business executive, so I could make $50M a year for not making a profit, and for comming up with bad ideas.

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