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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Around the same time as Kodak was introducing its Advantix APS film system, a fairly new company called SanDisk had just IPOed, and was promoting a new standard for portable digital storage known as CompactFlash. When I set out recently to do a CF card round-up, I found in my collection a nice old relic: a 24MB Delkin Devices CompactFlash card, circa 1998. Unlike sports cars or fancy dishwashers, CF cards all tend to look almost identical. Therefs no easy way to judge their speed just by examining their exterior. So, instead of doing a standard round-up, I figured, why not test the relic against some of the newer cards across the temporal gamut?"
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Needs to Rethink His Test
by Hae-Yu on Tue 7th Feb 2006 00:11 UTC
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While this test is interesting by utilizing the old Delkin in order to benchmark progress, it's inaccurate. I'd agree with smashIt that the reader is the likely limfac.

He should have isolated that possibility prior to creating even an informal benchmark.

There is a better source for an extensive series of comparative tests on many CF cards and it's where many photographers go to reference their next purchase.

Using a wide variety of cameras (hence card writers/ readers) Rob G. demonstrates an almost consistent 1.5x - 2x speed difference between the San Disk Extreme III and the "Standard."

If there's a card out there, he's probably tested it, or it's rebranded cousin.

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