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Windows "Windows Vista will eventually sport what has been called a 'sidebar' - a kind of taskbar-like user interface element designed to sit on the right or left side of a display and offer 'heads-up' information on a customizable basis. When we last checked in on the Vista Sidebar at CES, we saw a number of widgets (or gadgets) running on the sidebar, including a small picture frame, an RSS list/interface, weather information, and more. The idea, generally speaking, is to give prominent spacing to tasks and information services that are, in theory, so frequently referenced that it makes sense to prominently display them on your desktop, alongside or on top of your other application windows."
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and only approved people can write drivers
by JoeBuck on Tue 7th Feb 2006 01:18 UTC
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Microsoft wants to control who can write drivers for Vista (probably to keep people from poking holes in the DRM, among other things); they want the little guys and the hobbyists to go away, and they will do this by controlling who gets the keys needed to digitally sign drivers (only properly signed drivers will run).

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