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Apple "Apple wants to make their switch to Intel chips seem like a no-brainer, but the reality of it was a lot more complicated than just faster chips for Macs. Apple's claims of their Intel systems being '4-5x faster' than their PowerPC systems is a little much to swallow, especially with Intel Macs landing in users' hands and failing to live up to the hype. So if these Intel chips aren't really that much faster than the G5, why did Apple make the switch? The answer to this question is a lot more interesting than what Apple's telling you."
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RE: Not reall faster than a G5?
by chrish on Tue 7th Feb 2006 14:18 UTC in reply to "Not reall faster than a G5?"
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If you RTFA, you'll discover that he doesn't back these claims up, or deal with the "real" reasons Apple made the switch to Intel (as opposed to, say, AMD). It's mostly just a recent history of the PowerPC line of CPUs and a recap of things everyone already knew.

- chrish

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