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Opera Software As said yesterday, Opera Software today released the second preview of Opera 9. New features include a widget engine, web page thumbnails, syntax highlighting in the source viewer, a content blocker, and much more. Download it for Windows, UNIX, and Mac OS X.
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interface in windows version
by Jimmy on Tue 7th Feb 2006 18:58 UTC
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I really wish Opera would work on the interface. It's a really nice browser, but the interface needs work. I know you can customize it, but when I'm done closing toolbars and all that stuff (in older versions, 9 seems cleaner) the interface looks so dated that I just go back to FireFox. I mean, I remember using Opera a good eight years ago and the interface hasn't even changed much in those eight years.

Opera has some fantastic features, but geez it needs a better interface for me to use it everyday.

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