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Google Fighting for icon space on the desktop is so 2001. The new frontier on a virgin PC is the browser, and Internet companies like Google are jostling for space on the browsers of new PCs. Dell and Google are evaluating a partnership in which the Google Toolbar, Google Desktop Search and a Google-designed Dell home page are included on new Dell PCs, a Dell representative confirmed.
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Like I stated....
by rm6990 on Wed 8th Feb 2006 00:30 UTC
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Well, like I stated in a comment a few stories back (about sidebars), it appears Google is taking the threat of Windows Live being integrated into Vista seriously, and is preparing to take the fight onto Microsoft's home turf, the desktop. This is obvious by them pushing Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar (both through Google Pack and through Adsense), as well as numerous other Google tools.

Google has a massive war chest (8 billion currently) to fight this war, whereas even though Microsoft has tons more money, they have to divvy that money up between numerous different divisions of Microsoft. Google's technology trounces Microsoft's in almost every way imaginable. Google has also begun integrating GTalk into Gmail in order to increase its user-base, taking on MSN Messenger more directly. Now if only Google would take away the invite only status of Gmail, they may be able to increase Gtalk's user-base more than the pathetic 900,000 users it sits at right now.

The only thing I think Google should do is integrate Google Desktop Extreme into Google Desktop to give it a prettier interface than it currently has. Then work out deals with PC manufacturers to ship it with current Windows XP computers. This way people will become accustomed to it, and use it over Microsoft's future search technologies being integrated into Vista. (Don't even get me started on MSN desktop search for XP, what a piece of crap).

All in all, the search landscape is going to get pretty interesting over the next few years. I personally don't think Windows Live and its integration with Vista is going to hurt Google. IE6 already has MSN as the default search engine and home page, yet most people still use Google.

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