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Google Fighting for icon space on the desktop is so 2001. The new frontier on a virgin PC is the browser, and Internet companies like Google are jostling for space on the browsers of new PCs. Dell and Google are evaluating a partnership in which the Google Toolbar, Google Desktop Search and a Google-designed Dell home page are included on new Dell PCs, a Dell representative confirmed.
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by theorz on Wed 8th Feb 2006 00:52 UTC
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Google has also been pretty smart with helping other projects.

They are not foolish enough to try and make money directly competing with Microsoft’s established money makers, but they do help out other people who are. This way Google is creating a community of different people and companies that are competing with Microsoft’s different project without having to compete directly themselves. The summer of code is a good example of this.

Helping out projects like gnome or open is not a great expense to Google and it keeps Microsoft busy so that fewer resources get allocated to crushing Google.

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