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GNU, GPL, Open Source "Linus Torvalds doesn't want to change the Linux kernel's software license, and he said so again last week. For good measure this time, he threw in some inflammatory remarks. "I literally feel," wrote Torvalds, "that we do not, as software developers, have the moral right to enforce our rules on hardware manufacturers. We are not crusaders, trying to force people to bow to our superior God." Since the crusades were a foreign adventure responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands, that's not the most diplomatic response, and FSF counsel Eben Moglen refused to be drawn into retaliation when we contacted him for comment."
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Free as in beer?
by werfu on Wed 8th Feb 2006 02:29 UTC
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Linus can do whatever he wants with Linux, I don't care. I dont like banning on media protection (DRM-like) that the GPLv3 suggest too. Being more saint than the pope itself has no utility and I always said that if GPL was there to protect free softwares and owners, not to tie them up to terms they are unwilling to apply.

Let's keep it Free as in beer, Free as in source code, FREE OF SPEECH

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