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Google Fighting for icon space on the desktop is so 2001. The new frontier on a virgin PC is the browser, and Internet companies like Google are jostling for space on the browsers of new PCs. Dell and Google are evaluating a partnership in which the Google Toolbar, Google Desktop Search and a Google-designed Dell home page are included on new Dell PCs, a Dell representative confirmed.
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Why not make something competitive
by Haicube on Wed 8th Feb 2006 15:18 UTC
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Google is getting big, people are getting concerned. I'm getting more and more convinced every day that at some point we will have a similar "war" with Google as is currently going on with MS. I'm also quite sure it'll be the same people in that war (*Nix users that is).

However, what really bothers me is that I'm seriously concerned by the path Google is walking on, but I simply can't refuse to acknowledge the quality of their offers.

Gmail is my personal favourite. How can it be that Gmail has now been around for a couple of months or is it even a year now (it probably is) and still no one has actually developed technology which can compete with it. Gmail is fast, user friendly, elegant and simply a piece of art. As a webmail service, I haven't seen anything that can by far compete with the service. Not to mention that it's free for usage and gives you incredible 2gb of space. Can someone point me to any software doing the same?????

I hope people start learning from Google in the OSS world and start to make as brilliant stuff as Google do, so I can actually download and use the stuff without having to worry about integrity issues rising from the big G camp... will that ever happen?

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