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Opera Software As said yesterday, Opera Software today released the second preview of Opera 9. New features include a widget engine, web page thumbnails, syntax highlighting in the source viewer, a content blocker, and much more. Download it for Windows, UNIX, and Mac OS X.
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RE[2]: interface in windows version
by Jimmy on Wed 8th Feb 2006 15:38 UTC in reply to "interface in windows version"
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The font used in the program; its the same font used in Windows 3.1 programs. Bold isn't cool. Bold was created so that things would jump out; not for everything to jump out.

The buttons; too small. I like big buttons. BACK FORWARD STOP RELOAD are all I need. Instead I get REWIND, BACK, STOP, FORWARD, FAST FOWARD, and "Wand" which I have no idea what that is all about. Where'd the reload button go?

Toolbars; the only toolbar I want is the address bar. I don't want a search bar. I can type in "" in the address bar. I can live with the Tab bar. The "View" toolbar is incredibly useless to me, and should only be available in the Options menu, so that a dedicated icon doesn't have to take up space.

The whole progress bar thing really gets on my nerves too. I hate whenever Opera loads a page, I have to see whats loading in the address bar. I have broadband, so when I am looking at minimalistic pages, the load graphics appear and disapear very quickly, and after a while gives me a headache. Thankfully I can turn it off.

So that's why I hate the interface. I guess for power users, its great, but for me its too ugly and doesn't appeal to me.

Bottom line;

I want a simple browser that is secure, renders pages correctly and is simple to use. Opera just isn't a simple application to use.

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