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Oracle and SUN Sun's ambitions have grown another size larger. The server and software company launched its servers based on its own UltraSparc T1 'Niagara' chips in December, a major part of a drive to restore its lost luster and financial strength. But alongside the hardware launch came a more quiet software push: an attempt to make the Linux and BSD Unix open-source operating systems a serious option for buyers of Sparc-based computers. To promote the technology combination, Sun is trying to coax an accompanying software business into existence.
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Maybe Sun are playing a game...
by Phillip.Fayers on Wed 8th Feb 2006 23:26 UTC
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Get Linux up and running on the T1, then run benchmarks which compare it to Solaris. Demonstrate that Solaris is faster (as they've been pointing out on various benchmarks on Opteron) and thus increase the interest in Solaris.

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