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Zeta Even though I ordered Zeta from an official US reseller store, the product box I received was in the German language (at least part of it was). I recognized the company name, yellowTAB, and the name of the operating system, Zeta. But all other information printed on the box, including the system requirements, were printed in German.
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NOT reccomended!
by bornagainenguin on Thu 9th Feb 2006 00:37 UTC
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I though the link I hit would give me a menu or something to choose a rating, not that clicking the link would automatically recommed the story!

Also I'm not happy with this article regardless of how informative it is--for the simple reason I resent he 'editor's notes' in the article, not to mention that it was broken up into far too many parts. But really its the editor's snide remarks over the contributor that set my teeth. Let the 'editor' write his own article or contact the author and ask that changes be made, not try to insert comments everywhere.

I kept thinking everytime I saw one STFU, please!


PS: David Courtney, could I suggest you submit this article to somewhere else where they won't be quite as unprofessional?

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