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IBM Big Blue announced it would use the Cell processor designed by it, Sony and Toshiba in a range of high end servers. Applications that need good processing power and can render graphics are the target of Big Blue's desire. The first systems will become available in the third quarter of this year.
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RE[2]: Apple Is Screwed
by viton on Thu 9th Feb 2006 10:26 UTC in reply to "RE: Apple Is Screwed"
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I'm embedded/console/STB programmer for years and for me the Cell is a very tasty piece of hardware. Simple, fixed architecture with maximum raw power. Local store. These words are music for my ears =)

Cell is optimized for high performance media crunching, not for a language where "every statement results in a function call" or even garbage collector.
Elephants can't fly.

Anyway nothing can stop IBM to add OOO in PPE or improve branch prediction in SPE.

> how antiquated is the idea of tying your code to a specific processor?

Haha. So we have a software what do nothing but burning the cpu cycles.
Tying your code, for example, to P4/SSE2 is an antiquated idea. Don't do it guys. Use 386+x87 and intel will do all the work for you!

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