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Zeta Even though I ordered Zeta from an official US reseller store, the product box I received was in the German language (at least part of it was). I recognized the company name, yellowTAB, and the name of the operating system, Zeta. But all other information printed on the box, including the system requirements, were printed in German.
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Choppy playback in VLC...
by stippi on Thu 9th Feb 2006 10:58 UTC
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2006-01-19 most likely caused by the footage residing on a non-BFS volume. VLC is known to have problems playing videos from FAT volumes on BeOS/ZETA. The CPU peaking at 50% hints in that direction. If your videos are very high resolution, the problem might also be a limitation of transfer speed from main to graphics memory. I don't know if AGP is activated on ZETA in general or on your system in particular.

That being said, I do agree that some of the *implementation* of the multimedia framework of BeOS/ZETA leave a *lot* to be desired.

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