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Microsoft "Microsoft may not make flawless software, but its proprietary strategy is hard to fault. In particular, Microsoft has mastered desktop lock-in, undermining users' confidence in any alternatives and creating a slew of minor difficulties that irritate those who do switch. Two themes dominate the stories I hear about the tribulations of using and adopting non-Microsoft business desktops: the difficulty in finding compatible hardware and the stranglehold Microsoft Word has on users. In the last week, IT pros have shared their experiences with these two adoption inhibitors. They're representative of other stories I've heard."
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by siki_miki on Thu 9th Feb 2006 19:44 UTC
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This article is outdated, it describes situation with linux drivers few years old. Significant amount of work has been done since to improve drivers and power management on linux desktops, ranging from kernel and daemons to user interfaces.

USB support is very good now, most devices work (printers, scanners, cameras, input devices, usb audio, usb hard drives and dvd burners, USB DVB), either with vanilla kernel or additional driver compiled and installed (e.g. usb quickcam or ati remote wonder over USB). There's problem with modems but they are becoming (finally) a thing of past, and wireless problems are currently at least partially solved with ndiswrapper.

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