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Zeta Even though I ordered Zeta from an official US reseller store, the product box I received was in the German language (at least part of it was). I recognized the company name, yellowTAB, and the name of the operating system, Zeta. But all other information printed on the box, including the system requirements, were printed in German.
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RE: Choppy playback in VLC...
by blixel on Fri 10th Feb 2006 00:15 UTC in reply to "Choppy playback in VLC..."
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2005-07-06 most likely caused by the footage residing on a non-BFS volume. VLC is known to have problems playing videos from FAT volumes on BeOS/ZETA.

Copying the video files to the ZETA system did solve the choppy playback. They weren't stored on a FAT volume though. They were stored on my network storage device which is formatted as ext2.

It should have occurred to me to copy them to the local hard-drive. I play back video files over the network from my main machine (Linux) all the time with no problem though. So I just didn't think about the possibility of there being a problem with pulling the video over the network.

Also, I had no problem playing music files with Media Player. And all my music is also stored on the network. But music files are much less demanding obviously.

Anyway, thanks for the tip.

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