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Mono Project Apress' open source series of books recently unveiled Mark Mamone's "Practical Mono", a book targetting new .NET developers. We take a quick look at the book below.
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My fear about mono is, that Microsoft will change the technology very often. .NET 2.0 has been released a few month ago, Microsoft is already working on .NET 3.0.

That is something I dislike about the .NET, how many years did we have 2.0 in beta? I didn't wanted to start programing with a beta but knowing that the beta existed I didn't wanted to start with 1.1 eather, so, I saw the .NET 3.0 videos even before 2.0 were released, and now I have the same problem, why Im gonna start with 2.0 when 3.0 is coming and I'll have to move my code? I don't like this early propaganda.

That is something is moving me away from .NET, but meanwhile im starting to use MONO.

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