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Debian and its clones MEPIS, one of the more popular Debian-derived distributions, may be moving in a new direction soon. MEPIS founder Warren Woodford is considering building future MEPIS releases from Ubuntu sources rather than from Debian. SimplyMEPIS 3.4-3, which is scheduled for release today, has been quite a challenge to build, according to Woodford. "It's taking up all my time, fighting the Etch pool... We've had a lot of trouble, because the Debian community has become so active, it's been difficult to get this out, so I'm looking at alternatives to getting out stable releases."
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Since reading and comprehension skills are so poor on these days, I'll requote my original post in part:

"Ubuntu will eventually kill off Debian, and any Debian based competitors."

Note the use of the words "will", and "eventually". Obviously there are a lot of stupid people reading when they mod your post up on such poorly thought out, and ill comprehended replies. So, basic comprehension means that it might not be now, but it will happen. From my post, a reasonably intelligent person can deduce that I am making a presumption for the future, based on what is current happening.

Ubuntu would be nowhere without Debian. Nowhere. I simply have never, and will never, trust the motives behind Ubuntu. I'm old enough, and intuitive enough to smell one very big rat. That's my prerogative.


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