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Apple "With the success of the iPod and Apple's bulging bank balance, the time has never been better for Apple to grow itself through acquisition. The thought that Apple might be interested in purchasing the struggling PDA manufacturer Palm has been floating around for a while. Steve Jobs even tried to purchase the company in the late 90s, according to the San Jose Mercury News. However, the rumor has recently gained some traction with the call by multiple investors for Palm to sell itself. Also, some key Palm employees, such as co-founder and former company president Donna Dubinsky, have previously worked with Apple."
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Palm <> PalmSource
by miro on Fri 10th Feb 2006 16:24 UTC
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First there was Palm the company producing both the hardware: Palm V, Palm 505, Palm 515, etc. Then the company was split into: PalmSource and PalmOne.
- PalmSource owned the PalmOS operating system, but also the "Palm" trademark. (And maybe some off the BEOS devs too:)
- PalmOne was the hardware part of the old company, producing new PDAs.
- Then recently PalmOne, bought the rights for the "Palm" trademark back from PalmSource, renaming itself to Palm again, and releasing all new PDAs and smartphones branded as "Palm".
- Palmsource was later bought by Access.

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