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Linux The Elive project has released what will probably become Elive 0.4. "Elive 0.4 will be officially released next week, but you can download and try the PRE release if you want, this PRE release will be just the same as 0.4 Release if there's no problems with it." Elive is the live CD which aims to bring the latest and greatest of E16/E17 to your desktop with minimum hassle. The default window manager is Enlightenment 16.8, but of course Enlightenment 17 is also included, as well as the EFL libraries and most of the applications made on top of these libraries.
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by Kancept on Fri 10th Feb 2006 21:17 UTC
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I've looked through the enlightment and the elive websites but cannot find a list of HW requirements for this wm, only libs listed. It looks like it'd need some sort of 3D card to render some of that, so I'm assuming it needs one. Will this thing run ok on my ATI Rage 128 Pro Ultra based box? or is this something better suited for my Matrox g400 and nVidia FX5700 based boxes?

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