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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Mandriva's CEO got interviewed for the Mandriva club. "Right now, the new 'in thing' is Ubuntu. Of course, the situation is a bit different in this case: one person, with a quasi infinite check book is behind the operation. So they can give the system away and spend whatever is needed. Is this the right way for the open source eco-system? I find it hard to believe. One possible worse case scenario is that Ubuntu's plan is to use money to put all other community-based distros out of business and then start monetizing the installed base. If this were the case, they are doing the easy part: increasing their market share by giving away the product. We have found that the second part is a tad more difficult."
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Mandrake and Ubuntu
by porcel on Fri 10th Feb 2006 23:39 UTC
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While I personally find Ubuntu's lack of a decent installer or configuration tools is damaging many new user's perception of linux desktop usability, I believe the market will sort this out. Either Ubuntu will improve, which it has steadily done, and become useful or it will eventually fade like any other fad that has come and gone.

The trouble is that in the interim, while the market sorts itself out, Mandrake and other for-profit outfits are going to have to try much harder just to stay afloat.

I think Mandrake took too long to do the right thing, but eventually has gotten a few clues:

*They now do only yearly releases.

*They finally got around to creating a decent web site.

*And their releases are focusing on what matters: maintaniblity, security, quality.

Unfortunately, their Club puts off many people who would otherwise might become Mandrake users.

Ultimately, each distribution brings something to the table and it is high time that distributions and their fans put their differences aside as divisiveness only benefits proprietary software companies.

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