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Windows Roughly half of today's PCs won't be able to take advantage of the 'Aero Glass' compositor found within Microsoft's upcoming Vista software, due at the end of this year. The estimate was one of the conclusions cited in a report released late Thursday by Jon Peddie Research. The fault, Peddie reported, was that the low-cost integrated graphics controllers customers have chosen process the 2D windows of Windows XP and Windows 2000 just fine, but lack the bells and whistles necessary to process the Windows Desktop Compositing Engine used in Vista. About 63 percent of the 203 million PCs sold used an integrated graphics controller, JPR reported.
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RE[2]: If You had to choose...
by prismX on Sat 11th Feb 2006 04:05 UTC in reply to "RE: If You had to choose..."
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You are right, but the problem is that most of the people even do not remember which features were "stripped" from Vista, but now it is in fasion to tell that MS is evil and others are angels. By the way, if WinFS were included in Vista, it would not change much for end-user at least for year or two, because end-user has nothing to do with WinFS; and until lazy programmers would start to use WinFS APIs ... A lot of companies, selling their overpriced products, cannot program correctly software to run in restricted user account even 6 years after Windows 2000 was released. So who's fault is it? Of course, of MS... So if WinFS is released 6 months after Vista release, an end-user has nothing to worry. For programmers, it is available, use and learn as much as you wish...
Now MSH, god damn it, perhaps it won't be in the final version of Vista... Now, I would like to ask a majority of end-users, how often do you run command shell?
- most people thinks that command shell is the same DOS. And now, if you are sysadmin or programmer or any other smart a.. you have no problems to download it, run it and do anything you wish.
For people who saw some effects in SUSE 10 beta, people come down, all these effects can be designed for Windows, because Avalon is engine which can render 3D effects, everything depends what are you going to program.
What MS did not do really, they did not rewrite Windows core using manageable code as they promised. But if they even succeeded to do it would change nothing on the user-liking and marketing side.

I do not want to write here how many features are not in Windows and they should be (and shame on MS for this, but this is not the topic), but at least end-user did not lose anything they just getting the final product latter than expected.

And finally, why are people so crazy about Vista requirement? MS did not push you buy OS every year, but after 5 years of the last one, so do you people realy think that the OS including any kind of improvement should not require better hardware?

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