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Linux "The eWeek headline read 'Linux Desktop Needs Major Vendor Support.' A hopeful Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols opinion piece that someday, somewhere, some company will have the guts to face down Microsoft and make it possible for anyone and everyone to easily buy a GNU/Linux desktop. The 'some company' he was referring to was obviously the tier one vendors: IBM, HP, and Dell. While we're waiting for these tier ones to become so inclined, perhaps the GNU/Linux community's appropriate course of action should be to do what we should have done long ago. That is, to create a Linux-specific hardware vendor (or vendors) of our own."
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Ice capades will be held in hell first.
by FishB8 on Sat 11th Feb 2006 22:23 UTC
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1) Most linux users (such as myself) tend to be the do-it-yourself types who wouldn't buy from a large vendor anyway.

2) The boobs stuck on windows who do buy from the tier 1 vendors will never switch to linux if it means giving up programs x y and z that won't run on linux. Viruses and worms be damned, they're sticking with what they like.

3) The business sector would probably love to move to linux for the desktop, but their software vendors have no reason to port to windows, and their IT staff (at leat in small business settings) have the same bewildered look on their face in unix land as the 7 year old boy who accidentally wandered into a porn shop.

Linux is, for now, limited to the enterpise, small nitch markets, countries that resent paying 2 years income for an OS.

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