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Apple A few weeks ago, I did something crazy and shelled out 50 Euros for a G3 iMac. It was a 333Mhz G3 iMac with 96MB of RAM. It came with a copy of MacOS 9-- and that was what I bought it for. I wanted to experience first hand what OS9 was like. I did not expect I'd use the machine much. However, I was in for a rather pleasant surprise. Note: Read more on the meta blog about the new Sunday eve column!
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RE[3]: An alternative
by wazoox on Mon 13th Feb 2006 09:28 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: An alternative"
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I just installed a beige G3 running mac OS 9.2 at grandma's yesterday and it works just fine! It never crashed on me (except when I tried to start a game which is known to work only on M68k macs) and is still a fine machine... very usable.

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