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Apple A few weeks ago, I did something crazy and shelled out 50 Euros for a G3 iMac. It was a 333Mhz G3 iMac with 96MB of RAM. It came with a copy of MacOS 9-- and that was what I bought it for. I wanted to experience first hand what OS9 was like. I did not expect I'd use the machine much. However, I was in for a rather pleasant surprise. Note: Read more on the meta blog about the new Sunday eve column!
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by trezzer on Mon 13th Feb 2006 15:01 UTC
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If you know Mac OS pretty well, it's easy to set up for friends or family. I gave my Powercomputing Powercenter 150 (beefed up with G3, ATI Rage 128 etc) to my mom who used it happily for a couple of years with OS9. Eventually she needed a couple of things where it made more sense to switch to OS X, so now she's got a 333MHz iMac with some 250-300MB ram and 10.2. I've only had to help her out with the OS 9 machine one time where it had locked up completely and she needed to reset it. However, since I had configured the various apps to reasonable memory settings before handing it over to her, it was actually very stable.

It really sucks if you want to multitask (for instance you'll time out on IRC if you try to write a cd), but to be honest.. I'd still rather use OS9 than Win98. One of these days I'll set up the Powercenter again. It was actually a pretty good gaming rig (used to play Sim City 3k, Quake 3, Total Annihilation on it - all ran smooth like butter). Next time I move house I'm setting up a command central - an entire living room all decked out with various computers. I'm tired of not having all my toys within easy reach ^_^

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