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Google Google and CodeWeavers are working together to bring Google's popular Windows Picasa photo editing and sharing program to Linux. The program is now in a limited beta test. If this program is successful, other Google applications will be following it to the Linux desktop, sources say. The Linux Picasa implementation includes the full feature set of the Windows Picasa 2.x software. It is not, strictly speaking, a port of Picasa to Linux. Instead, Linux Picasa combines Windows Picasa code and Wine technology to run Windows Picasa on Linux. This, however, will be transparent to Linux users, when they download, install, and run the free program on their systems.
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So did I!!!!

This is what I did. I went to the wine head quarters. I looked for wine for my distribution. I downloaded it , fiddled around with apt commands to install it.
Then I fiddled around with config files for a while,
after configuring wine and fiddling around with config files. I also had to figure out where I wanted to store my Windows programs, which drives, whether I wanted everyone on the system to access the program , yadda yadda yadda , etc

If I down or upgraded my wine to run another Windows app I would probably break my picasso installation and I would have to go thru the above again.

Now are you telling me that you would want to go thru ALL that EACH time you install a windows application.

Most people don't install wine to run Windows applications. They install wine to run a PARTICULAR windows application and they configure wine just for that.

They are just making it easier for you. Great if you can grok wine , most people can't and I would admit for the 7 years I have been using it on and off it can be sometimes be a pain to get working.

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