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Google Google and CodeWeavers are working together to bring Google's popular Windows Picasa photo editing and sharing program to Linux. The program is now in a limited beta test. If this program is successful, other Google applications will be following it to the Linux desktop, sources say. The Linux Picasa implementation includes the full feature set of the Windows Picasa 2.x software. It is not, strictly speaking, a port of Picasa to Linux. Instead, Linux Picasa combines Windows Picasa code and Wine technology to run Windows Picasa on Linux. This, however, will be transparent to Linux users, when they download, install, and run the free program on their systems.
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RE[2]: Why not port it?!
by antwarrior on Tue 14th Feb 2006 12:43 UTC in reply to "RE: Why not port it?!"
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erm... read the above comments, apparently Qt is used for as the gui toolkit. And porting applications is always THAT DIFFICULT. Personally I don't think anyone with programming experience codes without thinking of portability and modularity.

Modularity coupled with good software design allows you to isolate platform specific features. The only issue they would have is the testing phase of the application. It's behavior is not a 100% predictable. I know this is pure speculation but they could have partnered with CodeWeaver to cut out the testing phases of the product development and with the added bonus of continuing their good stances with Open Source. Communities.

just a thouth.... don't flame to hard.

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