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Google Google and CodeWeavers are working together to bring Google's popular Windows Picasa photo editing and sharing program to Linux. The program is now in a limited beta test. If this program is successful, other Google applications will be following it to the Linux desktop, sources say. The Linux Picasa implementation includes the full feature set of the Windows Picasa 2.x software. It is not, strictly speaking, a port of Picasa to Linux. Instead, Linux Picasa combines Windows Picasa code and Wine technology to run Windows Picasa on Linux. This, however, will be transparent to Linux users, when they download, install, and run the free program on their systems.
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RE[3]: Why not port it?!
by antwarrior on Tue 14th Feb 2006 13:00 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Why not port it?!"
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Quoting Moulinneuf, "Its 20% of the worldwide desktop Market."

Let's make a few destinctions here:

(1) Actually we are not really a Market in the real sense of the word. A more accurate term would be a userbase.

Most definitions of the word market use the terms
buyers, customers, consmuers etc.

(2) We are not customers. We are users.

* More cynically we are strategic pawns that
companies may use in their strategies to expand the
boundaries of their current markets or to strengthen
their hold on current markets

It puts things into the right perspective when asking yourself why companies do what they do.

p.s flame me not ! I am not trolling. You can tear my argument apart but that's the way they look at, rightly or wrongly so.


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