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Original OSNews Interviews OpenBinder is the core technology that ex-Be engineers started at Be, Inc. as the "next generation BeOS", finished implementing at PalmSource as one of the key foundations of the Cobalt system, and is now being open-sourced running for Linux. Dianne Hackborn, a legendary engineer throughout the BeOS history and later a key engineer in the creation of PalmOS Cobalt, is describing OpenBinder below and then a mini-interview follows.
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RE: I'm diggin in at the site
by dcibils on Tue 14th Feb 2006 20:35 UTC in reply to "I'm diggin in at the site"
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I feel the same and finding it very hard to finish my assigned tasks here at work!

I wish I have some Linux distro right here to test this beauty on!

I once heard a msft MVP guy saying that COM (component object model) was THE big advantage over Linux/Unix but. I know there was always CORBA, but I don't know why this guy said that (from a tecnhical pov), it just kept in my mind.

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