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Mozilla & Gecko clones Camino 1.0 for PPC and Intel-Mac is now available. Camino is a web browser optimized for Mac OS X with a Cocoa user interface, and powerful Gecko layout engine. It practices the art of simplicity with an uncluttered user interface but with the features you expect from a modern browser like tabbed browsing and pop-up blocking settings. On other browser news, Access has announced new Netfront plans.
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RE: Why not use good ol Firefox
by someone on Wed 15th Feb 2006 03:53 UTC in reply to "Why not use good ol Firefox"
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Firefox will never have to same level of system integration as Camino due to its Cross-platform nature. Camino already has Bonjour, Addressbook and Keychain integration and Apple-spell based spell checking is coming in version 1.1.

Camino is also faster than Firefox at launching and its GUI is in tune with the rest of the system due to the use of Cocoa instead of XUL.

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