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Mac OS X Two interesting articles on OS X today. This one summarizes some of the less-obvious new features of Apple's Tiger. The other one theorizes that Apple's shift to Intel is an incentive for Windows developers to port their software due to the lack of the endian problem.
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@Gryzor: RE[2]: cocoa = ObjC
by somebody on Thu 7th Jul 2005 19:12 UTC
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Well, Cocoa is a Framework/API and a way of living. Once you understand it, it leaves .NET in the dust.

1. Cocoa and .NET are completely different things.
2. Is Cocoa platform independant (last time I checked it was OSX only), .NET (Mono) is crossplatform
3. Cocoa is application framework (written in ObjC) and .NET is a platform.

But it's a little bit more harder to fully understand.

Yep, and you're a real example. Time to start learning meaning of basic computer words for you.

True is the phrase that reads: "Once you understand Cocoa+ObjectiveC, you will ask yourself, why wasn't this being done from the beginning like this?"

Ok, I understand Cocoa and ObjC. But, I still don't ask my self that.

Still, I wonder why does everybody thinks that moving to Intel will bring developers. GUI API for Windows and OSX is completely different. Even the basics of user interface are different. A simple coder would better start coding again than correcting the previous sources (except if most of the software was not GUI based). Unless someone brings a complete set of windows libraries that enable you to recompile your XYZ app, there just isn't reason enough to start coding for mere 1% of people

And I work with .NET every single day.

And you should keep on doing that, at least if you don't want to become platform dependant. But, to be fair. MS.NET is platform dependant too. Mono isn't.

p.s. And I'm linux biased (and OSX somehow forced), in fact the only operating system that doesn't run at my place (except occasionaly) is Windows,

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