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PC-BSD "After using PC-BSD several days, I was impressed with how easy it is to use. It's a good desktop OS, and a great way to introduce BSD to new users. The 1.0 release has a few rough edges, but nothing that should scare off prospective users. For the future, I'd like to see something like Synaptic to manage PBI packages and allow users to browse for software without having to visit the PC-BSD Web site, and it would be nice if the site had a little more documentation, but I expect such things will come along in due time as the project matures."
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RE[3]: Pc-BSD or FreeBSD?
by dimosd on Wed 15th Feb 2006 11:17 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Pc-BSD or FreeBSD?"
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I am a Linux person as well, and have used FreeBSD as my everyday desktop for 2 months in the past. It was great from a Slackware/Gentoo perspective, but ports were weak for upgrading the system. Too much recompiling (even more than Gentoo).

To be honest I haven't tried PCBSD yet, I plan to one of these days. What I have tried is DesktopBSD, and it looks good to me, I think it deserves more public attention. What it gives you is a "proper" FreeBSD, with a quick & easy installation. Nice way to get started with FreeBSD (be sure to read the handbook - it's a must). Binary upgrades are preferred to compiling from source (don't know how well this works, haven't used it enough).

Now I am rather sceptical about PCBSD. .pbi probably can't scale much... but if it can and I am wrong, then it's a step in the right direction for desktop Un*x.

The fact that (I think) PCBSD doesn't, for example, install bash by default (DesktopBSD does) which is something most Linux users would do, and .pbi ignoring ports, prompt me that PCBSD are attempting to build a desktop OS despite being based on FreeBSD, rather than a preconfigured FreeBSD desktop (DesktopBSD's approach).

But still, it brings FreeBSD desktop some publicity.

Now: my dream FreeBSD desktop would use apt-get-ish binary package management (handling versions and such) and still keep ports v2 around, somehow. I don't think anyone is working on this though.

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