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Mozilla & Gecko clones Camino 1.0 for PPC and Intel-Mac is now available. Camino is a web browser optimized for Mac OS X with a Cocoa user interface, and powerful Gecko layout engine. It practices the art of simplicity with an uncluttered user interface but with the features you expect from a modern browser like tabbed browsing and pop-up blocking settings. On other browser news, Access has announced new Netfront plans.
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RE: Why not use good ol Firefox
by IndigoJo on Wed 15th Feb 2006 11:48 UTC in reply to "Why not use good ol Firefox"
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The reason I use Camino rather than Firefox is that Firefox has a tendency to reload pages for no apparent reason, resulting in the loss of whatever data you entered into a given form on a web interface (Movable Type, Yahoo Mail etc.). That's a good enough reason to use any browser except Firefox on a Mac.

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