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Original OSNews Interviews OpenBinder is the core technology that ex-Be engineers started at Be, Inc. as the "next generation BeOS", finished implementing at PalmSource as one of the key foundations of the Cobalt system, and is now being open-sourced running for Linux. Dianne Hackborn, a legendary engineer throughout the BeOS history and later a key engineer in the creation of PalmOS Cobalt, is describing OpenBinder below and then a mini-interview follows.
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by obi_oni on Wed 15th Feb 2006 13:20 UTC
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While this seems interesting, I would've liked to see the (non-)overlap with existing similar alternatives explained - or, "why/when should anyone work with OpenBinder, as opposed to these:"

- ZeroC's ICE
- Mozilla's XPCOM
- simple IPC's like D-BUS
- a common runtime like .NET/Mono

Another thing I was wondering about is the choice of the MPL (1.1?) as a license. Even if I wouldn't always license my code under the GPL, GPL compatibility is important imho.

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