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Mozilla & Gecko clones "A lot of people complain about the Firefox 'memory leak(s)'. All versions of Firefox no doubt leak memory - it is a common problem with software this complicated. We look to fix the issues where we can. David Baron and others have done a huge amount of excellent work in this area. What I think many people are talking about however with Firefox 1.5 is not really a memory leak at all. It is in fact a feature."
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by Hetfield on Wed 15th Feb 2006 16:04 UTC
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Well, I used to really love Firefox, but I find myself using Opera or Konqueror more often now. I started using Firefox when version 0.7 came out, and though it would crash often it was more fun surfing the web than with 1.5, though to be fair's memory handling has improved.

What really keeps me from switching completely to another browser are a bunch of extensions that I grew accustomed to and that make browsing more fun. But then, it's pretty sad when third-party additions are all that make an application valuable.

What really bothers me is that those memory issues have been known for a long, long time and the developers chose to ignore them. Just browse the bug reports and see how many reports have been closed because problems were not acknowledged and downright denied.

Anyway, the last two memory leak fixes have slightly improved my browsing experience and since they made better memory handling a priority now I am looking forward to the upcoming releases. I'd really love to love Firefox again. ;)

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