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Mozilla & Gecko clones "A lot of people complain about the Firefox 'memory leak(s)'. All versions of Firefox no doubt leak memory - it is a common problem with software this complicated. We look to fix the issues where we can. David Baron and others have done a huge amount of excellent work in this area. What I think many people are talking about however with Firefox 1.5 is not really a memory leak at all. It is in fact a feature."
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RE[2]: Extensions
by Hetfield on Wed 15th Feb 2006 17:01 UTC in reply to "RE: Extensions"
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The modular approach is quite laudable indeed, but the core application still should meet some demands that I actually deem to be self-evident, such as: being lightweight, being stable, using a computer's resources in a sensible manner and generally not acting like it's the only application running.

No, what I meant with the statement you quoted was that I think an application should be valuable without needing to rely on third-party additions. The extensions aren't everything. A browser should still run fast, render pages correctly, support standards, be secure and stable. Firefox does some of these things well and fails at others, which unfortunately has become quite frustrating for thousands of users. And if it weren't for those many useful extensions, many would have switched to another browser a long time ago.

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