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Apple "Apple has shiny new x86 based iMacs and the eloquently named MacBooks (yech) out on the market, and reviews, barring a few fawning toadies in the print media, are exceptionally rare. The usual Apple cooked benchmarks abound, but there is no real third party analysis, I think mainly because it is afraid of what will be found. The biggest bloomer is its tacit non-denials of the fact that the current x86 macs will never run XP in an approved or corporately acceptable fashion, and Vista is a long long long shot. Apple knows, is doing nothing to quell the rumours and speculation, and I think that's irresponsible."
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Buy two comps?
by th3rmite on Thu 16th Feb 2006 01:20 UTC
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Hey I don't understand why people would bash those who want to run XP on Macs. I currently have THREE personal use computers at the house. One Mac desktop, one XP Desktop and one XP Laptop for my wife. I am a software developer that mainly develops solutions for MS Access but some Windows apps. But I would rather use a Mac for personal use. ow the idiot who said buy two comps obviously doesn't hae this kind of setup. It totally blows to have to get up and move from one computer to another in the middle of work. Plus I do webdesign in my spare time and I have to check out IE, Firefox and Opera for windows, then I have to use Safari, Firefox, IE, Camino, and Opera for Mac. Why is it absrd that I want to have just one computer to do these things on? I would be able to afford a much niver rig is I didn't have to split my cash up across three PC's

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