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Mozilla & Gecko clones "A lot of people complain about the Firefox 'memory leak(s)'. All versions of Firefox no doubt leak memory - it is a common problem with software this complicated. We look to fix the issues where we can. David Baron and others have done a huge amount of excellent work in this area. What I think many people are talking about however with Firefox 1.5 is not really a memory leak at all. It is in fact a feature."
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RE: Extensions
by antwarrior on Thu 16th Feb 2006 01:57 UTC in reply to "Extensions"
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"But then, it's pretty sad when third-party additions are all that make an application valuable. "

Let me ask you a question : What would you add to a browser to make it an excellent piece of software, of course being able to render pages is already a given....

I know ppl have touched on it already and it's more just a side note. A browser is a boring application to begin with. The extensions that are most useful to people are those that allow your interaction with the browsing environment to be as painless as possible. It difficult to include a bunch of inbuilt features that are useful to everyone. The one size fits all doesnt work here and here's why.

People have very personal and specific information requirements while they are browsing. I am sure if you compared the extensions that everyone using FF on OSNEWS you will find little in common.

Even ad blocking, pop up extensions aren't extensions that everyone uses.

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