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Apple "Apple has shiny new x86 based iMacs and the eloquently named MacBooks (yech) out on the market, and reviews, barring a few fawning toadies in the print media, are exceptionally rare. The usual Apple cooked benchmarks abound, but there is no real third party analysis, I think mainly because it is afraid of what will be found. The biggest bloomer is its tacit non-denials of the fact that the current x86 macs will never run XP in an approved or corporately acceptable fashion, and Vista is a long long long shot. Apple knows, is doing nothing to quell the rumours and speculation, and I think that's irresponsible."
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minimal effort
by Yamin on Thu 16th Feb 2006 04:47 UTC
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Well with 88 posts, I doubt this will make it ;)

No one expects Apple to support Windows XP. Its not even about if its worth it to boot windows XP. I think MamiyaOtaru said it best. It would have taken them minimal effort to leave in BIOS support and that would have kept people happy.

When Microsoft released the XBOX...a closed integrated solution...they didn't bother putting extra stuff in or taking extra stuff out to prevent Linux from booting did they?

People in the PC world are just too used to having friendly hardware ;)

Just a note before someone points it out. In later releases of the Xbox MS has put in some protection against running Linux...but then I'm not saying MS is a saint ;) .

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