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BeOS & Derivatives As one can already see by the activity of the mailing lists, Haiku seems to be moving forward in a serious pace. Studio-33 takes a look at the latest build (many screenshots included, boys and girls), and concludes: "I was pretty impressed by this build. Deskbar and espacially Tracker seemed much more stable and Haiku didn't crash every four or five minutes like previous builds I tested. Work on Haiku seems to go pretty fast lately and more and more pieces are getting finished. Offcourse Haiku still needs a lot of work to become somewhat useable, but it is definately going in the right direction."
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RE: glued on?
by umccullough on Thu 16th Feb 2006 05:05 UTC in reply to "glued on?"
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It is all "Haiku" code.

The kernel is a branch of the NewOS kernel, the "shell" is the open-source OpenTracker project (open-sourced by Be, Inc. many years ago - and maintained by the primary kernel developer of Haiku himself)

The servers (app_server, media_server, etc.) were all re-created from scratch. Many of the visual blemishes you see are a result of the re-creation of app_server which is still in progress. As you can see, much of the OS is usable!

The apps you see are re-creations of standard BeOS apps.

Since the OS is source AND binary compatible, many existing BeOS apps run without recompiling.

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