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Mac OS X Antivirus researchers have discovered what's claimed to be the first computer Trojan to infect Apple Mac OS X computers. The malware, dubbed Leap-A, spreads via the iChat instant messaging system as a file called latestpics.tgz that infected machines send to contacts on an infected user's buddy list. The malicious file, which poses as a set of pictures, is a compressed Unix shell program. The user is prompted for admin credentials to launch the malicious code, which is better described as a Trojan than a virus. Mac OS X users who do this will find their machines infected.
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A joke?
by werfu on Thu 16th Feb 2006 16:47 UTC
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It's a joke right? This is not a trojan nor a virus, it's a dumbware! I wrote batch file that format your hard drive as young as 10. All you had to do is to run it... Anyway, viruses on Unix-like doesn't exist in the same form than in the Windows world. Viruses use security vulnerabilities, which, under Windows, are more than common. Under Unix, security flaws are considered as bugs and are usualy patched on the next maintenance-release. As such, finding a 10 year old virus still doing damage is less possible under Unix-like than Windows.

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