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Gnome On popular demand, here is Davyd Madeley's preview of GNOME 2.14. "Built on the shoulders of giants, GNOME 2.14 hits the shelves on the 15th of March. As well as new features and more polish, developers have been working around the clock to squeeze more performance out of the most commonly used applications and libraries. This is a review of some of the most shiny work that has gone into the upcoming GNOME release."
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Looks great!
by michi on Fri 17th Feb 2006 17:27 UTC
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The screenshots look really great! Very clean and beautiful and somehow they just feel right. I wish KDE (which I use) would look like this.

However, what really matters is applications. Right now, some very good applications like gimp and inkscape are written using gtk/Gnome, but other excellent applications like k3b, scribus, amaroK are written using Qt/KDE. But Qt/KDE applications do not integrate well with GNOME and gtk/Gnome applications do not integrate well in KDE.

Right now the user has to chose if he likes a clean, good-looking desktop, but miss some of the best applications, or if he likes a really functional desktop with the best applications available, but without real consistency.

Personally I think one of the most important things to enhance the Linux desktop experience is to make Qt/KDE applications integrate well with Gnome and make gtk/Gnome applications integrate well in KDE. For example, gimp and inkscape should use the KDE filerequester and the KDE theme when run from KDE.

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